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Linux-Driver for Accton/Trust-Ethernet-Pocket-Adaptor

The old one:

I have a "TRUST-Etherpocket"-adaptor with a twisted-pair and a thin-ethernet-coax connector which connects to the parallel port of my notebook. The readme of the Dos/Windows drivers (Win3.11 works fine) says that it is an "Accton EN 2209". On the device there are four LEDs (Power, TX/RX, TP /Link, Coax) and it comes with a small spiral cable which can draw power from a PS/2 mini-DIN Socket thus eliminating the need of an external AC-power adaptor.

Here are pictures of both sides of the adaptor's circuit-board which may give a lot more information than my explanations. (Specs follow below). The main chip on the circuit-board (below the metal-strip) is labeled "EN 50903, A.T.C, 1119D, 4542340" (comma indicates linebreak).

Picture 1 of ethernet pocket-adaptorPicture 2 of ethernet pocket-adaptor

System Configuration:

Transmission Technique: Baseband
Topology:               Bus
Access Method:          CSMA/CD
Transmission Rate:      10 Mbps
Media Supported:        UTP and RG-58A/U cable
Connectors Supported:   25-pin D-type connector, RJ-45 connector, BNC connector
Standard Conformance:   IEEE 802.3 10 Base-T and 10BASE-2 Standard
Computers Supported:    Laptops, notebook PCs, IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/2 and compatibles
Memory Size:            32 K buffer, 256-bit EPROM
IRQ:                    IRQ 5 and 7
Printer Interfaces:     LPT 1,2,3
Diagnostics:            Loopback and self-test
Dimensions (LxWxH):     4.07" x 2.52" x 0.98" (104,36 mm x 64,62 mm x 25,13 mm)

Operating Environment:

Power Reqirement:        DC 4V to 20V (0,5 A max)

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